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This is the fourth annual Brigid in the Blogosphere. I love it. This is my frist entry on this new blog. May there be many more.

I’m wandering
and the tide ebbs in and flows
the world is spinning, spinning
and the warmth of sex returns to grace the land.

I’m wondering
where is this lonely path leading? and
who is this Woman who calls to me? and
what is this Bright Lady’s name?

I’m faltering
starting and stumbling only
to start again, clearer, cleaner, and
with a little more frustration than the time before.

I’m altering
deep in the crevices of mind and heart
the ways in which I step
the roughness of my touch.

I’m coping
stirring the coals that sustain my fire
adding the dross and debris as kindling
boiling the waters into a potion of change.

I’m hoping
praying to my own soul for forgiveness
speaking the truth with compassion and courage
growing delight in my inner dark places.

Imbolg is here once more.


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