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No More, No Less

You cannot be anything more than human.
You cannot be anything less than divine.
But what potential, a human life! And what terror, in even the smallest God!

What does it mean to be human today? Where do you hold your divinity? Do you attempt to surpass your humanness? Are you hiding your divinity out of fear or shame?

For me, today, being human has meant feeling pain, sorrow, and anger. And a whole host of other “negative” emotions. Sometimes, when life comes at me hard, I get stuck there in spite of all of my practice and my best efforts. And I remind myself that that’s okay. I try to let the emotion flow through me. But, as always, there are some blocks.

Being divine, having the power of choice, means moving into the moment and embracing the power to change. My power to choose influences the power of change all around me. Today I remember that it’s one thing to choose, and it’s another thing to claim, to act. So today I chose to heal, to fill up, to revitalize my Shining Body. Today I chose to sing! Literally.

Singing loosens things in me, helps me to step back into the flow. It is a unique meeting of my human and divine parts. Oh how the Fetch loves to open up the mouth and belt out a melody! And the Talker revels in the twists and turns of lyrics. And the Godsoul moves through those very human sounds, those very human words, and imbues them with sacredness and the power of change.

That’s what works for me. I used the tool of song, along with the tools of ritual, cleansing, and a host of the Feri tools, to awaken myself to my divinity and reground into my humanity. What tools do you have? What choice can you make? What brings you back to center?

You are no more than human, for you are in human form. You are no less than divine, because the divine moves in you, through you, and around you. And you are also animal, wild, free. Can you connect to each of these? Can you bring them together today?


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