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Hello lovlies! Here is my contribution to the Brigid in whatver-we’re-calling-it-this-year silent poetry reading. It’s a couple of days late because I’ve been sick, but I could not just pass up the opportunity to write a new poem, now, could I?

I hope you enjoy it!

World’s Turning
by Jonah Dove

Here I sit
silent. waiting.
A center, they say, around which the
whole world turns.

Watch me stand
and stretch. and walk.
It is you who moves
– not me –
the whole world turns.

I drink and dance and play with you.
Your heart beats only because mine
tells it to.
You are my dream,
here in my head, where the
whole world turns.

One day, if I’m lucky
– and usually, I am –
I’ll catch your eye just right
or give birth to you one night
or get moved, so, by your plight
or meet you in delight.
And see
in my waiting
a center (they say) in you.
A foreign place
around which my
whole world turns inside out.


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