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Blessed Yule

Return of the Lord of Light

an invocation, of sorts
by Jonah Dove

Tonight we celebrate the Lord of Light’s return
though we know he never left
but was only hidden from our sight.
We know he never left us,
though his power was drawn within.
Tonight we draw it outward,
we allow the darkness to wane.
We open the portals of light
that shine within our hearts
and shine within our spirits
and shine throughout our Triple Souls.

Return to us, Light Bearer!
We await your glowing dawn!
Return to us, Light Bringer!
We await your warmth, renewed!
Return to us, Shining Angel!
Bring blessing to the Earth!

And may each of us be blessed.
And may each of us be blessing.
And may we turn toward the Sun each morning,
as the Wheel turns to herald your blessed return.

Love and laughter to all for the remainder of this holiday season. May we all find what we need and grown into the fullness of our greatest potential.


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