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In the stillness arises
motion, deep
unbidden (by consciousness) and
in unknown directions

the wind tugs
at body, heart,
mind, as a child
tugs on the wrist –
“come this way!
come quickly!
see what I’ve found!”
And like a grown-up,
I resist
I’m busy
I’m uninterested
I’m preoccupied

Body-rush of adrenaline
– there is fear here –
stay away!

Mind-clatter of distraction:
keep focused here…
keep focused on this…

Heart-longing of freedom
(but what of judgment?
what of worth?)

And this chariot roars on,
ever on towards its Work
– whether road is of dust
or of asphalt
or of mud or of stone –
the fiery driver himself
driven away from, what?
driven faster towards, where?
Can I pull these disparate forces,
fighting wildly within my form,
inward to a place of love?
outward into forward momentum?
together, into blessed union?
the lust after battle?
the serpent adorned with wings?

The wind whispers its answer,
tugging, and tugging still:
The Chariot roars onward,
and ever will…
and ever will…

Copyright Jonah Dove, 2011. Written for Brigid Poetry Festival 2011.


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