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In the stillness arises
motion, deep
unbidden (by consciousness) and
in unknown directions

the wind tugs
at body, heart,
mind, as a child
tugs on the wrist –
“come this way!
come quickly!
see what I’ve found!”
And like a grown-up,
I resist
I’m busy
I’m uninterested
I’m preoccupied

Body-rush of adrenaline
– there is fear here –
stay away!

Mind-clatter of distraction:
keep focused here…
keep focused on this…

Heart-longing of freedom
(but what of judgment?
what of worth?)

And this chariot roars on,
ever on towards its Work
– whether road is of dust
or of asphalt
or of mud or of stone –
the fiery driver himself
driven away from, what?
driven faster towards, where?
Can I pull these disparate forces,
fighting wildly within my form,
inward to a place of love?
outward into forward momentum?
together, into blessed union?
the lust after battle?
the serpent adorned with wings?

The wind whispers its answer,
tugging, and tugging still:
The Chariot roars onward,
and ever will…
and ever will…

Copyright Jonah Dove, 2011. Written for Brigid Poetry Festival 2011.


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Blessed Yule

Return of the Lord of Light

an invocation, of sorts
by Jonah Dove

Tonight we celebrate the Lord of Light’s return
though we know he never left
but was only hidden from our sight.
We know he never left us,
though his power was drawn within.
Tonight we draw it outward,
we allow the darkness to wane.
We open the portals of light
that shine within our hearts
and shine within our spirits
and shine throughout our Triple Souls.

Return to us, Light Bearer!
We await your glowing dawn!
Return to us, Light Bringer!
We await your warmth, renewed!
Return to us, Shining Angel!
Bring blessing to the Earth!

And may each of us be blessed.
And may each of us be blessing.
And may we turn toward the Sun each morning,
as the Wheel turns to herald your blessed return.

Love and laughter to all for the remainder of this holiday season. May we all find what we need and grown into the fullness of our greatest potential.

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Hello, Lovelies!

I had intended to post this poem yesterday, but, apparently, I spaced. I think a poem is a good way to start the week, don’t you? So here is a poem I wrote to be read as a grounding meditation. I hope you enjoy it.

Grounding Poem
by Jonah Dove

You sit tenderly here –
close your eyes
– and what do you see?
What do you see?

A gentle root growing
as if from a tree,

reaching down, reaching down
through the damp, dark ground,
towards the heart of the mother –
resting deep, resting sound.

You feel warmth waiting here –
take it in
– and what do you see?
What do you see?

A bright glowing orange,
a molten hot sea.

Pull it up, pull it in
through your root, through your skin
and fill up with this iron,
like the iron within.

You sit here, enflamed –
feel your heat
– and what do you see?
What do you see?

A strong branch growing,
as if from a tree!

Reaching up, reaching higher
towards a heavenly fire
through the air, and through vacuum,
starlight, its desire.

You touch now a star –
so, so bright!
– and what do you see?
What do you see?

Radiant power
shines infinitely!

Bring it here, bring it down
where it touches your crown
and surrounds you with starlight,
a bright, glowing gown.

And again, here you sit –
be centered
– and what do you see?
What do you see?

These two powers merging
most radiantly!

Bring them in, let them shine,
in your heart now entwined,
and flow out in this space
to make all things Divine!

Now open your eyes –
breathe deep
– and what do you see?
What do you see?

Blessed be, friends, and may that divine light always radiate from your Shining Heart.

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Beltane has come and gone, and, oh!, what a gloriously beautiful day it was here. I got to take a nice long nap and a leisurely stroll with the dog. Later, we ran around picking wild flowers to decorate our circle. And the night saw us reading poetry to each other, and to the Gods and the Fey, by firelight (if you count the tiny “starter log” as a fire!). After ritual, food and wine were shared. It was a truly wonderful day.

So as that day passes, I will share with you the farewell blessing I read to the spirits last night in the spirit of a ritual of poetry. I hope you enjoy it.

Goodnight, Spirits
by Jonah Dove, Beltane 2010

This night has been most blessed,
and we bless you in return.
Take our blessings with you,
as we take what we have learned.
Goodnight, you sweet, sweet Faeries –
to your sideways realms, away.
Goodnight, you Gods of power –
stay in our prayers each day.
Goodnight, you mighty Angels –
your protection has been felt.
Goodnight, you Guides and Spirits –
we appreciate your help.

As the night is turning colder,
not one of us can stay.
But we know we we’ll meet you every year,
on the blessed Beltane day.

I hope you, too, had a blessed Beltane, and that the coming summer has many more blessings to offer us all.

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This is the fourth annual Brigid in the Blogosphere. I love it. This is my frist entry on this new blog. May there be many more.

I’m wandering
and the tide ebbs in and flows
the world is spinning, spinning
and the warmth of sex returns to grace the land.

I’m wondering
where is this lonely path leading? and
who is this Woman who calls to me? and
what is this Bright Lady’s name?

I’m faltering
starting and stumbling only
to start again, clearer, cleaner, and
with a little more frustration than the time before.

I’m altering
deep in the crevices of mind and heart
the ways in which I step
the roughness of my touch.

I’m coping
stirring the coals that sustain my fire
adding the dross and debris as kindling
boiling the waters into a potion of change.

I’m hoping
praying to my own soul for forgiveness
speaking the truth with compassion and courage
growing delight in my inner dark places.

Imbolg is here once more.


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