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Beltane has come and gone, and, oh!, what a gloriously beautiful day it was here. I got to take a nice long nap and a leisurely stroll with the dog. Later, we ran around picking wild flowers to decorate our circle. And the night saw us reading poetry to each other, and to the Gods and the Fey, by firelight (if you count the tiny “starter log” as a fire!). After ritual, food and wine were shared. It was a truly wonderful day.

So as that day passes, I will share with you the farewell blessing I read to the spirits last night in the spirit of a ritual of poetry. I hope you enjoy it.

Goodnight, Spirits
by Jonah Dove, Beltane 2010

This night has been most blessed,
and we bless you in return.
Take our blessings with you,
as we take what we have learned.
Goodnight, you sweet, sweet Faeries –
to your sideways realms, away.
Goodnight, you Gods of power –
stay in our prayers each day.
Goodnight, you mighty Angels –
your protection has been felt.
Goodnight, you Guides and Spirits –
we appreciate your help.

As the night is turning colder,
not one of us can stay.
But we know we we’ll meet you every year,
on the blessed Beltane day.

I hope you, too, had a blessed Beltane, and that the coming summer has many more blessings to offer us all.


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I recently did a short ritual as part of a class I am taking. This ritual led me to literally come face-to-face with my own anger. I won’t go into the details of how this happened, or why. The important part is that I gave my anger a face, a consciousness of its own, so that I could speak with it and find out where it comes from and what it wants.

Oh man. That was an interesting experience! One I will not likely soon forget. It wasn’t especially intense. It was, in fact, profoundly simple. I was able to understand something that, looking back, seems so obvious. Why couldn’t I see it before?

I looked at my anger, standing before me, bound in place by a magic triangle, and asked it what it wanted. I don’t know! it said. I don’t know! I don’t know! I just want OUT! Let me out! Let me out!!

Had I not been prepared and in a place of total openness to the information I might receive, I may have severely misinterpreted this request. Let me out? I’m sure we’ve all seen the horrors that can be wrought by unchecked rage. The aim of this ritual was not to appease the negative trait that was brought up; it was to honor it, understand it, and learn how to work with it.

The key to understanding my anger came not from its words, but from its actions. The triangle containing Anger acted as a type of force shield, keeping it at a safe distance and keeping it from roaming free and running amok while I had given it its own consciousness. But Anger did not like being caged. It clawed at the walls of light frantically, trying to escape. It yelled out its demand to be set free. It spit and snarled, scraped and scratched, insisted and pleaded. Let me out! I’m in a cage!

I’m… in a cage…

There was a moment of clarity within me. I began to realize how trapped I feel, and how that feeling seldom recedes, and how it creates a base of frustration like a low hum that my ears have begun to tune out. Frustration unabated slowly builds into anger. Anger unreleased boils into rage.

I had turned myself into a pressure cooker!

I am not an angry person, by nature. I had been struggling to understand my anger and disconnection, not knowing where it could be coming from, not knowing why I felt so unlike me. All it took was to ask, and the answer was presented.

Cages do not always have walls and bars. Far more often they are a woven mesh of words, expectations, and guilt. We can be bound in cages of thought which can restrain us far more effectively than any physical barrier. We can be locked in cages of responsibility that keep us from realizing our dreams, and our potential.

I’m still working out how to free myself from some of these self-imposed cages, but just the knowledge that they are there is a huge help. I am also extremely grateful for my tools: meditation, Iron Pentacle, Kala, Soul Alignment, and continual lessons and messages from my Gods.

How do you cage yourself? What makes you feel trapped? What frustrations do you struggle to let go of? Just naming them is a start towards finding the key to free yourself.

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